Frequently Asked Questions

About the Service

What is Yapyzal?

Yapyzal is a social commerce platform that allows merchants and non-profits to generate incremental revenue by offering customers a way to make secure impulse purchases through social media websites like Facebook.

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How does Yapyzal work?

Yapyzal works by offering your current and potential customers a way to make quick purchases on social media platforms like Facebook that can be shared within their personal social network or anyone else in the world.

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Why should I use Yapyzal?

You should use Yapyzal if you're interested in profiting from a part of the growing social commerce trend.

How much does Yapyzal cost?

Yapyzal is currently free for merchants to use and there are no hidden costs. This does not mean the service will always be free but we have no plans to charge a fee anytime soon.

Is Yapyzal affiliated with Facebook?

Yapyzal is not affiliated in any way with Facebook. Our service works within the Facebook platform (with more social sites in the works).

Getting Started

Do I need a shopping cart?

NO! Absolutely not! We're all about impulse purchases and incremental revenue at Yapyzal and typically we sneeze in the general direction of carts.

This is one of the things that makes Yapyzal so unique. Merchants are not required to have a third party e-commerce website or any other online service (other than Facebook) to use and earn with Yapyzal.

And, of course, Yapyzal is FREE. If you can find another deal like that we want to know!

What do I need to use Yapyzal?

Retailers and non-profits who already have merchant accounts will need two things:

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. Facebook Page for Business
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What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a service you sign up for through your bank or third party company that enables your business to accept credit and debit cards. If you do not have a merchant account we can connect you with one of your partners. Send us a message or give us a call at 855-927-9925.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an additional service required to sell your products online. Learn More about payment gateways or if you don't have one send us a message and we'll connect you with one of our partners.

Can I use my own merchant account or gateway?

In most cases, yes. Most merchant accounts will be compatible with Yapyzal and we support a growing number of gateways including, Braintree, First Data Payeezy, PayPal Pro, and Stripe.

What payment gateways do you support?

Yapyzal currently supports, Braintree, First Data Payeezy, Pay Pal Pro, and Stripe with more being worked on right now!

Using Yapyzal

How do I know when someone makes a purchase?

You will receive an email when a customer places an order and you can also see orders in “Orders” section of your Yapyzal account.

What payment types can I accept?

With Yapyzal you can accept all the forms of payments you already do, cash being the exception, of course.

What is EasyCheckout?

EasyCheckout is a service that your customers can choose to use when making a purchase through your business's Facebook Page. When a customer chooses this option we store their shipping details for faster checkout in the future.